#FreeeBook: Along the River that Flows Uphill - from the Orinoco to the Amazon

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Along the River that Flows Uphill - from the Orinoco to the Amazon

Author: Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt

Non-Fiction Adventure Travel

Price: $0.00 (April 13 - April 15, 2020 only)

Book Description:

'Along the River that Flows Uphill' is a travel book with a difference. It weaves the story of an Amazon journey with science, math and reason to explore the risks that are inherent in any adventurous travel.
One recent summer, authors Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt were commissioned by 'Geographical' – the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society in London – to travel the length of a strange river in Venezuela called the Casiquiare.

This river – once the source of great controversy – is like no other, since it joins two otherwise-separate river systems, the Orinoco and the Amazon, by apparently flowing up and over the watershed that divides them. Rivers should not be able to do that.
In their book, the authors recount the story of their journey on the Casiquiare, including a brush with a tribe of Yanomami Indians and a confrontation with FARC guerrillas. Along the way, they also explore thoughts and ideas – both humorous and serious – that relate to the thrills and stresses of off-the-map travel.

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