#FreeeBook: Blood and Snow

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Blood and Snow

Author: RaShelle Workman

Young Adult

Price: $0.00 (Limited Time Only)

Book Description:

Snow White didn't plan on getting bitten by a vampire her first year at the Academy...

She knows three things for certain:

* Chemistry class sucks! Big time. 
* She has a serious crush on one of her seven extraordinarily hot neighbors.
* Allowing a complete stranger to feed off her blood isn't a good idea. What's worse? She liked it. A lot

Her first year at Salem Academy, Snow has low expectations. But when the mysterious Chace Charming joins the school, everything changes.
Suddenly Snow is part of a world full of supernaturals and the greatest of them all is after her because she's the fairest in the land. What the hell?
With the help of her best friend and the guys, Snow must find a way to pass her first year without killing anyone. 

Download the Free eBook here: Blood and Snow

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