Free eBook ~ Chicago Blood: Detective Shannon Rourke Book 1

Free eBook: 

Chicago Blood: Detective Shannon Rourke Book 1

Author: Stewart Matthews

Chicago Blood - Free eBook

Genre: Mystery

Price: $0.00 (Limited Time Only)

Book Description:

You can’t bury the dead without digging up the past.

What was another murder in Chicago? 

A dead man clutching a pint of whiskey on the Ashland Avenue sidewalk wasn’t new. It shouldn’t have been enough to keep troubled Detective Shannon Rourke and her brother from making their escape to Sweden.

Shannon’s plan to put half a world between herself and her checkered past in Chicago is already rolling when she arrives at the crime scene, ready to pass the case off to another detective.

But she didn’t expect the victim to be her brother’s best friend.

When her ex-mobster brother hears about it, he gives her an ultimatum: stay and solve the case or he will. Now, Shannon is determined to leash her inner demons and finish the job, but if she fails, her brother will be the one to pay the price.

Download the Free eBook here: Chicago Blood: Detective Shannon Rourke Book 1

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