Free eBook: Next Door Secrets (Secrets Series Book 2)

Free eBook: 

Next Door Secrets (Secrets Series Book 2)

Author: Karen Lenfestey

Free eBook: Next Door Secrets (Secrets Series Book 2)

Women's Fiction

Price: $0.00 (Limited Time Only)
Update June 2, 2016: No longer free. You may get it for $2.99

Book Description:

When Bethany meets Kaylee, the little girl who lives next door, it stirs up a longing she’s been trying to quell. At 35, Beth has a job she enjoys and a sweet boyfriend who cannot promise her tomorrow. She tells herself no one gets to “have it all,” but little Kaylee seems to need Beth just as much as Beth needs her. 

Beth’s boyfriend, Parker, loves her so much he’s decided to leave her. Bit by bit, he pulls back, figuring it’s better to break her heart now rather than later. If he were gone, he’s sure Beth would see that the family next door has room for one more. 

But Parker isn’t the only one acting strange these days. Beth starts to suspect that the reason Kaylee’s father keeps pushing her away is because he’s hiding something. A secret big enough to destroy a family. 

Download the Free eBook here: Next Door Secrets (Secrets Series Book 2)

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